I am an experienced educator in varying styles of music and dance. In order to gain the confidence and freedom on the desired medium, my aim is to focus on aspects pertaining to musicality and bio-mechanics. I offer instruction in the following:


  • Fiddle — Available to teach: Irish and Old Time music, harmony playing and chordal accompaniment, singing and playing simultaneously, tune/song arrangement, and music theory.
  • English Concertina — Unlike the Anglo concertina, a diatonic instrument which plays two notes per button, the English concertina plays chromatically and shares similarities to the piano accordion in that each button produces the same note. While it can often be seen in the hands of English and Maritime musicians, it's fairly uncommon to see them played by those of the Irish persuasion. That being said, my main focus is Irish-style playing alongside song accompaniment and Classical music.
  • Tin Whistle
  • Ukulele


  • Sean-Nós  Irish for "old way", this style of dance is percussive in nature, improvisatory, and pre-dates today's modern Irish step dancing that many would be familiar with. The footwork remains close to the floor and the upper body is relaxed.