Armand did a fantastic job fixing me a new bridge and sound post for my five-string fiddle. Not only does my fiddle sound warm and bright, but it soars! Love his work and caring nature.
— Kathleen Parks
Twisted Pine : Cat and the Moon
As a fiddler who gigs frequently throughout New England I rely on Armand for everything from instrument repair to recommendations for supplies and accessories. Additionally, in 2016 I commissioned Armand to make a hand-crafted Maggini-style violin. I had been looking for a particular sound and the finished product surpassed my expectations in every way. Armand is a talented and attentive luthier who not only produces excellent work, but is accommodating and helpful to clients in all aspects of his services. I would recommend him highly to anyone from beginners to professionals for your fiddle and acoustic music needs.
— Danny Musher
: Chasing Blue :
I met Armand around two years ago when I brought in my 5-string violin for a tune-up. I’ve been going to him for instrument set-ups ever since.

Armand has done an amazing job setting up both my 5-string violin, 5-string viola, and viola d’amore. I almost sold my 5-string viola because I didn’t like the sound and then I gave it to him. He diagnosed the issues with the sound post and bridge easily and fixed them within a day. Now it’s like a completely new instrument! He took my cheap viola-d’amore-shaped object from the internet and turned it into a beautifully-sounding, quality instrument.

I would highly recommend him to any string player, especially if they have an extended range or unique instrument.
— Tom Pritchard
Lizzie James and the Greystone Rail : Squirrel Hunters : Dancing Nancy Band
I have come to Armand for repair and recovery on a couple of seriously abused fiddles (as well as more minor setup work on others). One sat in my extended family’s attic for decades, the other was subject to camping in a week that included inches of rain and the ensuing humidity of 90 degree weather.

Each time, he communicated clearly about what work was necessary and what was optional, listened closely to what I wanted done, and returned my instrument in wonderful condition. His attention to detail and finesse in his work is exquisite, and his skill as a fiddle player himself allows him to accurately assess the repairs and voice of the instrument. I would recommend him for any repair or upgrade work, without question.
— Lynz Morahn
Mansfield, CT
If you want to get your instrument tuned up, set up, or repaired, I can recommend no one more highly than Armand. He has an incredibly sensitive musician’s ear, and he cares about getting it right. He helped me pick out my new (old) instrument, and when I wasn’t happy with some things about it, he made it sound like a completely different instrument — in a good way. The instruments he makes, in my limited experience, are also beautiful. I am really reluctant to let anyone work on my fiddle now!
— Liana Wolk
Portland, ME
Armand did an exceptional job fixing a sound post at a very competitive rate a couple years back! Would certainly recommend to friends in the business!
— Tomás Bowling
Boston, MA